What is questrunner?

Questrunner is a modern digital tool designed to create, manage and play educational outdoor games on your mobile device.
Working on the concept of questrunner, we wanted it to be intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use. At the same time, we wanted a program which could expand the boundaries of reality as we know it. Here is what we created.

Questrunner consists of three parts

  1. Quest Creator Module. It’s the environment where you create your own quests (games). Each quest is a collection of challenges (separate tasks to perform like "Find the golden statue on the façade of the church. What instrument is it holding?"). You set the time limit in which the challenges need to be completed. You also choose how many points will be awarded for each completed challenge. The more challenges you want to include in your quest, the more complex game you’ll create. Quest Creator Module saves all your work and serves as a catalogue of all of the components you once used.

  2. Questrunner Application for players for Smartphones and Tablets. It leads the players through the city streets, while they face a series of challenges in a quest. It shows the places with challenges on the map, activates questions when the player enters a predefined area on the map, tests knowledge and perceptivity, and gives immediate feedback.

    If you are the creator of the scenario and you want to run it for a particular group of people, then the application becomes the tool which monitors their progress in the game. It allows you to locate their position on the map in real time, shows the whole route that they’ve covered, and the number of points they receive.

  3. Quest Catalogue is the online database with all quests created by users from around the world. All the games are available there. You can use them if you are looking for proven scenarios, or when you don't have the time to design your own.

Questrunner was designed for teachers who want to run a history lesson outside the school walls, for science teachers who want to encourage students to explore the environment around them, and for tourists who want to do their sightseeing in an unconventional way. If you grow weary of every-day reality and you want to explore the world in a new, exciting way then Questrunner is perfect for you.

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